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Contractor & Design Professionals Program Rules

EBB Contractor & Design Professionals Program RulesHomeowners, Contractors and Design Professionals participating in the Earthquake Brace + Bolt programs are required to agree to and adhere to the full EBB Program Rules and Terms of Use.

Funding for EBB retrofit grants comes from two different sources: the California Residential Mitigation Program (CRMP) or the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Each funding source has unique rules. It's important that you know which program your clients are in and that you follow the rules for that program.

Once you are listed on the EBB Contractor Directory, you will have access to your online Contractor Dashboard. Once you are hired to retrofit a house and if that homeowner gives their permission, you will be able to upload documents and you will see what funding program the home you're retrofitting is in.

To participate in the EBB program, contractors must:

Contractors may be removed from the Directory in the event EBB determines that the Participating Contractor has failed to meet the Program requirements.

To participate in the EBB Program, Design Professionals (engineers and architects) must:

  • Ensure all submissions (e.g., plans, design, letters) completed for an EBB retrofit are in accordance with Chapter A3 of CEBC
  • Not be barred by the State of California or the federal government from bidding on, accepting, or performing any State of California or federal-government- funded public works contracts, either as a contractor or subcontractor
  • Demonstrate a commitment to work within the local jurisdiction’s building construction process

Design Professionals may be removed from the Directory in the event EBB determines that the Design Professional has failed to meet the program requirements.

EBB has no obligation to maintain, keep current, or monitor licensing, financial condition, contracts, or competence of any Contractor or Design Professional listed on any directory or any other Contractor or Design Professional hired by a Participating Homeowner.

It is important for contractors and design professionals to understand what Program rules their EBB homeowner clients need to follow. Review the complete:

For Participating Homeowners, the Program Rules include but are not limited to:

  • Homeowner must use the house as their primary residence, be the owner of record and live in the house that will be retrofitted.
  • The house must be located within one of the ZIP Codes designated by EBB.
  • Only one registration per house.
  • The house must meet the structural requirements of a California Existing Building Code (CEBC), Chapter A3 (pages 125 - 142) retrofit which is done completely in the crawl space around the perimeter of the foundation.
    • For houses with cripple walls 4-feet or less, a contractor or homeowner may complete the retrofit using an approved standard plan set.
    • For houses with cripple walls taller than 4 feet but not taller than 7 feet, an engineered solution is required.
  • The house must not have a completed, Chapter A3 brace and bolt retrofit previous to being accepted into EBB.
  • The building permit must be received and dated after acceptance into EBB.
    • The building permit must state the retrofit is in accordance with CEBC Chapter A3 or an accepted Standard Plan Set (i.e. Standard Plan Set A or LA City Standard Plan Set #1), or an engineered solution.
  • If the retrofit is an engineered solution then the signed and stamped letter from the engineer must state the retrofit is in accordance with CEBC Chapter A3.
  • No partial CEBC Chapter A3 retrofits are allowed.
  • Type 2 Qualifying House must be constructed in part on concrete slab(s) on grade.
  • In addition to the brace and bolt retrofit, the water heater must be strapped and braced. If a tankless water heater, no strapping is necessary.
  • The homeowner must meet all program deadlines and submit the required documentation.
  • If a homeowner chooses to hire a contractor to do the EBB retrofit, the contractor must be listed on the EBB Contractor Directory.
  • If a homeowner is working with a contractor and receives a bid for the retrofit that is more than $10,000, the homeowner must get another bid from a contractor in the EBB Directory.
    • If the higher bid is chosen, the homeowner must state the reason.
  • If a homeowner chooses to do the project as an owner/builder, labor will not be reimbursed.
  • The house must successfully pass a final inspection by a local building inspector, confirming the retrofit was done in accordance with CEBC Chapter A3.
  • The retrofit may not receive any other grant funding from any other program.
  • There are two funding sources in the EBB program. They are the CRMP-funded program and the FEMA-funded program. The requirements and deadlines are:
    • In the CRMP-funded program, three (3) photos of the exterior of the house must be submitted before the retrofit work begins. The homeowner has nine months from the day they were originally accepted in the program to complete the retrofit.
    • In the FEMA-funded program, five (5) photos of the exterior of the house must be submitted with a date stamp before the retrofit begins and an additional five (5) photos of the exterior of the house must be taken after the retrofit work is completed and be date stamped. In the FEMA-funded program, pre-retrofit documents and photos will be forwarded to FEMA for review. After receiving approval from FEMA (most likely 4 to 10 weeks after submission), EBB will inform the homeowner that their retrofit may begin and that they will have six months from that day to complete the retrofit.

    Review the full CRMP-funded Program Rules (PDF)

    Review the full FEMA-funded Program Rules (PDF)

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