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EBB Supplemental Grant For Income-Eligible Homeowners

Earthquake Brace + Bolt (EBB) is now offering additional funding above the $3,000 EBB grant to help income-eligible homeowners complete a brace + bolt retrofit. In order to qualify for this Supplemental Grant:

  • Homeowners must meet the EBB qualification requirements and be accepted into the Program, and
  • Verify that their household annual income is $72,080 or less.

Homeowner Registration is open October 18 through November 29, 2022.

Supplemental grants will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis to eligible applicants, until grant funds run out. EBB offers Supplemental Grants in addition to its reimbursement program for code-compliant seismic retrofits, and grant recipients may need to pay income tax on the money they are granted.

Grant Amounts

Combined with the $3,000 EBB grant, the Supplemental Grant will provide most eligible homeowners grants that may cover up to 100% of their retrofit costs. The amount of the grant you receive, if you qualify, will be based on whether your home needs a bolt-only retrofit or a brace and bolt retrofit, and where you live. The grant amount will be higher or lower depending on the average cost of completing your needed retrofit in your area.

The maximum amounts of the Supplemental Grants (after the $3,000 EBB grant) are:

  • Northern California Bolt Only — $2,800
  • Northern California Brace + Bolt — $7,000
  • Southern California Bolt Only — $1,125
  • Southern California Brace + Bolt — $2,650

How to Apply For the Income-Eligible Supplemental Grant

If you meet the income-eligible requirement of earning $72,080 or less in annual household income:

  • When registering for the EBB program, answer yes, that you do meet the income eligibility requirement.
  • Wait for notification that you have been accepted into the EBB Program.
    • Please note: to remain eligible for an EBB grant, you must not begin construction work or get a permit before you are accepted into the EBB program.
    • After being accepted into the EBB program, you will be notified if you may apply for the Supplemental Grant.
  • Fill out an Income Verification Form (IVF)* for every member of the household that is an income earner. It includes basic questions such as your name, spouse’s name (if applicable), single or joint tax filer, address and social security number or tax identification number. The IVF will be on your EBB Homeowner Dashboard.
  • Submit the Income Verification Form within 30 days of acceptance into the EBB Program.
  • EBB will review the IVF form and determine if you are eligible for the Supplemental Grant.
  • If EBB notifies you that you are eligible to receive a Supplemental Grant, you may start the retrofit process as described in the EBB Program Rules.

*The Income Verification Form will be sent to a consulting firm with experience in verifying household income with the Internal Revenue Service. EBB will not be storing your sensitive income information.

How and When You Will Receive the Supplemental Grant

The EBB program is a reimbursement program, meaning the Participating Homeowner gets the EBB grant money after the retrofit has been completed and EBB has approved it. However, to help income-eligible homeowners with paying upfront costs, like getting a bid and a building permit, those who have been approved for a Supplemental Grant can request immediate reimbursement after paying for:

  • Up to $250 for the cost of one contractor’s bid
  • The full cost of the building permit

The dollar amount of the money you are reimbursed for the bid and permit will be subtracted from your overall total grant. You will receive the balance of your Supplemental Grant (and your EBB grant) when your retrofit has been completed, and it has been reviewed and approved by EBB.

Please note: In the event an application is withdrawn from the Supplemental Grant portion of EBB, any incentive payments already paid may be taxable at the federal level.

How the Income Eligibility Limit Was Determined

California  Insurance Code 1008.396 defines “income-eligible household” as a household that has an income at, or below, 80 percent of the median household income in California. Eighty percent of California’s median income for 2021 is $72,080. EBB uses this figure as the basis of determining eligibility for receiving a Supplemental Grant.

EBB registration is now CLOSED.
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