Earthquake Brace+Bolt

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Brace + Bolt                                

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EBB provides $3,000 grants to be used toward a code-compliant seismic retrofit for houses that qualify. Find out more about the program and if your house qualifies.


Starting with the 2019 EBB program, homeowners hiring a contractor for their EBB retrofit must hire from the EBB Contractor Directory.  To be on the EBB Contractor Directory and have access to free marketing materials, take the free online FEMA training.


Building Departments

Building departments play a critical role in the success of EBB. They must confirm that a code-compliant retrofit was done in accordance with Chapter A3 or an approved standard plan set.

Licensed Design Professional

 EBB was created to provide incentives to California homeowners to seismically retrofit wood-frame residential structures. An engineered solution is required for some retrofits.

Earthquake Brace + Bolt surpasses 7,000 retrofits statewide

The Brace + Bolt programs provide grants for a specific "building-code-compliant" seismic retrofit. This type of retrofit strengthens an older house to help prevent it from sliding off the foundation during an earthquake.

EBB Seismic Retrofit Video                

Watch a demonstration of how an EBB seismic retrofit helps homeowners lessen the potential for damage during an earthquake.

I thought it would be harder and take longer but the contractor I chose took care of everything and did it fast.”

Mark Whitney
Seismic retrofit completed
Los Angeles

Established by the California Residential Mitigation Program (CRMP)

CRMP is a joint powers authority created by the California Earthquake Authority and the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services. CRMP was established to carry out mitigation programs to assist California homeowners who wish to seismically retrofit their houses. Our goal is to provide grants and other types of assistance and incentives for these mitigation efforts and EBB is the first of these programs. 

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Enter your information by clicking on “Sign Up” to stay current on EBB news, including where and when the program will open next.

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