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Why Participate


Why Participate in the EBB program - California Contractors &Earthquake Brace + Bolt (EBB) is an earthquake retrofit incentive program designed to keep homeowners safer. We created EBB to provide California homeowners with up to $3,000 to seismically retrofit their wood-frame, raised foundation houses to better withstand earthquakes.

We have provided grants to more than 18,000 California homeowners to help pay for a seismic retrofit of their home. Licensed contractors participating in the program are the backbone of EBB’s success.

The Brace + Bolt program provides grants for a specific "building-code-compliant" seismic retrofit. This type of retrofit strengthens an older house to help prevent it from sliding off the foundation during an earthquake.

Why Should California Contractors Want EBB Jobs?

Participating in the EBB Program is an Excellent Business Opportunity

More than a million homes in California need retrofitting - and the number of eligible ZIP Codes in the program is expanding.

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  • Demand - More than a million homes in California need this type of retrofit.
  • No Fees - There is no fee for you to join EBB as a California licensed general contractor (with a Type A or B license).
  • Free Seismic Retrofit Training - EBB offers free online training to contractors interested in participating in EBB. Developed by FEMA, this course will educate you on the EBB program, how to identify common seismic (earthquake) vulnerabilities in one-to-four unit wood-frame homes, how to retrofit those homes, and available construction guidelines.
  • EBB Contractor Directory -  After successfully completing the free training, you'll be added to the EBB Contractor Directory. If a homeowner participating in EBB decides to hire a contractor rather than do the work themselves, they are required to hire someone from the Contractor Directory. Once you are listed in the Directory, your business is searchable by homeowners looking for a contractor to do their EBB retrofit work.
  • FREE Marketing Support - Participating Contractors can receive free marketing materials including yard signs, EBB brochures, and an "EBB FEMA-Trained" logo to use on your website and social media.
  • Program Support - We are here for you! We provide an easy-to-use online Contractor Portal where you can manage your EBB projects, and our customer service team is available Monday through Friday during normal business hours to answer your questions. Simply Contact Us.

How to Get Started

Contractors who want to join EBB must:

Still have questions about joining EBB? Contact Us.

About the EBB Retrofit

Code-Compliant Chapter A3 Retrofit

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EBB provides funding for retrofits that:

  • strengthen cripple walls to enable them to function as shear members, and lessen the potential for damage during an earthquake;
  • bolt the foundation to the frame, strengthening the house making it less likely that it will slide off the foundation during an earthquake; and
  • properly strap the water heater to reduce the likelihood of water and fire damage, and to protect the water supply.

EBB registration is CLOSED. Read more about EBB Program

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