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What is EBB?

Earthquake Brace + Bolt (EBB) is a grant program that provides eligible California homeowners up to $3,000 toward a residential seismic retrofit. The purpose is to help homeowners lessen the potential for damage to their houses during an earthquake by "bracing" the crawl space, when necessary, and "bolting" the foundation to the house's frame. EBB has helped thousands of California homeowners complete retrofits! EBB also offers an additional Supplemental Grant to help income-eligible homeowners pay for a seismic retrofit.

The EBB Retrofit

An EBB retrofit is a particular kind of seismic retrofit done for older, wood-framed homes built on a raised foundation. This retrofit can lessen the potential for earthquake damage.

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Retrofit Stories

Hear from homeowners who have participated in the EBB program and completed a seismic retrofit.

Homeowners' Stories

Program Rules

Homeowners participating in the Earthquake Brace + Bolt programs are required to agree to the EBB Program Rules and Terms of Use before being admitted into the Program. Participants also need to understand the rules for any contractors or design professionals they hire.

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