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The EBB Registration Process

The EBB Registration Process

Would you like to receive up to $3,000 toward an earthquake retrofit of your house? The Earthquake Brace + Bolt (EBB) program provides homeowners up to $3,000 to strengthen their home and lessen the potential for earthquake damage.

You may qualify for an additional Supplemental Grant on top of the $3,000 EBB grant. EBB is also offering a supplemental grant for income-eligible homeowners that will provide additional funding to help pay for your retrofit if you qualify.

Sign Up to be Notified When Registration Opens

Registration is open for a limited time each year. You can sign up to receive email notifications when registration opens:


Register Online

Registering for the EBB program is a simple process:

  • When the registration period is open, come to this website and go to the Registration page.
  • Complete a list of qualifying questions, such as: What is your ZIP Code? and What year was your house built?
    • Important! Be sure to completely and accurately answer the qualifying questions to make sure you are an eligible applicant and that your house qualifies.  The homeowner is responsible for verifying the information is correct. Grants may not be paid for a completed retrofit if the house actually doesn't qualify.
  • If you want to be considered for the Supplemental Grant that provides funding in addition to the $3,000 EBB seismic retrofit grant, your household income must be $72,080 or less, and you must be willing to submit verification of income.
  • If your house qualifies, complete your contact information and submit your registration form before registration closes (incomplete forms will not be accepted). If you are mailing a paper registration form, the form must be postmarked on or before the registration closing date.
  • Having an issue entering your information online? No problem, just call Customer Service at (877) 232-4300.
  • As an accommodation to individuals that need to have a third-party representative complete their registration for them, have your representative complete and submit this Registration Authorization Form (PDF) with your registration.

Selection and Notification Process

Once registration closes, an electronic system will randomly select homeowners from the submitted registration forms. Each application must be reviewed and approved by EBB.

During the selection and approval process, EBB will communicate with applicants by email and will be available to answer questions. All homeowners who successfully registered for the EBB program will be notified by email whether they have been selected to participate in the current program year, or whether they have been placed on the wait list. Throughout the program, EBB will include people from the wait list if spaces become available. Being placed on the wait list, however, does not guarantee eligibility or inclusion in future EBB grant programs.

Important! To remain eligible to receive the $3,000 grant and the EBB Supplemental Grant, you must not obtain a permit or begin retrofit construction work before being accepted into the program.

If registration is closed, sign up to receive email updates from EBB, and you will be notified when and where registration opens.

See if Your Home Qualifies for an EBB Retrofit