EBB registration is now CLOSED.
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Accepted! What's Next

Getting Started

Accepted into the EBB Program -  What's Next

Once you have registered and have been notified you've been accepted into EBB, you will log on to your EBB Homeowner Dashboard. The Dashboard is where you will upload pre-retrofit and post-retrofit photos and documents for approval. The Dashboard will guide you through each step of your retrofit and notify you if you need to provide any additional information.

You will have 12 weeks (or 90 days) to gather pre-retrofit photos and documents, and to either hire a contractor from EBB's Contractor Directory or decide to do the work yourself as an owner-builder.

From the time EBB reviews and approves the pre-retrofit documentation you've uploaded to your Dashboard, you will have six months (or 180 days) to complete your retrofit.

Pre-Retrofit Phase: The First 12 Weeks

Hire a Contractor and Get a Building Permit

You will have 12 weeks to either hire a contractor from EBB's Contractor Directory or decide do the work yourself as an owner-builder, and get a building permit.

If you hire a contractor to do the retrofit work, you must choose from the Contractor Directory. The Directory provides a resource to search for licensed contractors who are educated in seismic retrofitting in your area. Contractors in the Directory are FEMA-trained and are California-licensed general contractors with an "A" or "B" license type. Once you hire a contractor from the Directory you may authorize them to get your building permit for you, and upload required documents to your EBB Dashboard on your behalf.

The Contractor State License Board website has useful consumer resources:

If you choose to do the work yourself, you will be an "owner-builder." As an owner-builder, you become the general contractor for your project and assume complete responsibility for the overall job, including permits, state and federal taxes, workers' compensation insurance and other legal liabilities.

  • Interested in doing the work yourself as an owner-builder? Visit Do-it-Yourself Tips for more information and resources.

Steps for the Pre-Retrofit Phase

  • Familiarize yourself with what kind of retrofit work qualifies for the EBB program.
  • Review the Program Rules to be sure you understand what's expected in order to receive the grant for your retrofit.
  • Call licensed contractors listed in the Directory and schedule appointments.
  • Meet with contractors and receive bids.
  • Review your bids and select a contractor.
  • If you are an owner-builder, be sure you understand the work and what you will be responsible for.
  • Get a building permit and upload it to your Dashboard. If you hired a contractor, they can get the building permit for you. 
    • Before you get your permit, check your Dashboard for specific directions on what wording must be included on your building permit. 
    • Important! You must get the building permit after your EBB acceptance date. If your permit is dated prior to your acceptance date, you will be disqualified from EBB.
  • Check your Dashboard to see if you need to upload a Plan/Scope of Work, and if so, what wording must be included in it.
  • Upload images of the outside of your house to your Dashboard. Your Dashboard will provide you specific instructions and examples of what's required.
  • Upload proof of residency, such as a utility bill, to your Dashboard.
  • Upload a completed W-9 form if indicated on your Dashboard that it's needed.

Retrofit and Post-Retrofit Phase: Six Months

Submit Documentation and Complete Your Retrofit

After EBB has approved all of your uploaded Pre-Retrofit documentation, you will have six months from that approval date to complete your retrofit. Instructions on your Homeowner Dashboard will guide you through this process.

Steps for the Retrofit and Post-Retrofit Phase

  • Important! If retrofit work begins before Pre-Retrofit required documentation and photos are approved by EBB, the homeowner will be disqualified from the EBB program and will not get a grant.
  • Keep all receipts, such as for your building permit and any building materials and supplies you've purchased, and upload them to your Homeowner Dashboard.
  • Upload your contractor's invoice to your Dashboard. Be sure the invoice is broken out by labor, materials, overhead and profit.
  • Upload photos of the completed retrofit to your Dashboard. Your Dashboard will provide you specific instructions and examples of what photos are required. 
    • Important! Follow the exact instructions for what must be included in your photos, or they will be rejected and you will need to resubmit before payment is approved for the grant.
  • Upload an image of the signed building permit to your Dashboard after the retrofit is complete.
    • Important! Check your Dashboard to see what wording must be included on your building permit.
  • Follow directions on your Dashboard for how to complete and submit a Payment Authorization Form (PDF).

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EBB registration is now CLOSED.
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