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Register in the Earthquake Brace + Bolt Program

Licensed Design Professionals who register with one of the California Residential Mitigation Program (CRMP) retrofit programs (Earthquake Brace + Bolt [EBB] or Earthquake Soft-Story [ESS]), and Contractors who are registered with EBB or ESS and complete the free EBB training, will be placed in an EBB searchable Directory. Homeowners use the Contractor Directory to look for a contractor to complete their EBB retrofit.

  • If you’re already registered as an ESS contractor, go straight to your Dashboard and complete the free EBB training. You do not need to register again.
  • Are you a contractor who is new to our retrofit programs? Simply Register with us, and then complete our free EBB training.

Use the links below to register in EBB:

Contractors Licensed Design Professional
Contractor Licensed Design Professionals
See if Your Home Qualifies for an EBB Retrofit