Earthquake Brace+Bolt

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“With a rating of 1 to 10, the EBB program would be a 10.”


Angela was born and raised in San Mateo County. Four years ago, Angela along with her husband and four children were living in San Bruno. Unexpectedly, the rent they were paying doubled in price; so, they took it as an opportunity to stop renting and become homeowners.

They purchased an older home in Hayward. Knowing it was in a high-risk area for earthquake shaking and damage, they wanted to protect their home with a seismic retrofit.

“My husband was watching the local news one night and saw a story about the EBB program. He suggested I go online and register for it,” said Angela. “A couple weeks later, we got an email saying we were in. It was exciting; but, we thought so what do we do now?”

Soon after, they received a welcome letter and packet from EBB outlining each step of the program.

“The welcome packet is very well done. We started reading it and realized, Wow! This program is for real!”

Angela looked for a contractor to do the work. She called several contractors and eventually found someone on the EBB Contractor Directory.

“He ended up being a really cool dude. He talked us through the process.”

In addition to working with their contractor, they contacted the EBB customer call center when they had questions.

“I wasn’t waiting on hold listening to a recording. The call center was staffed and the phone was answered by a real person.”

The retrofit work took about three days and she received payment from EBB within a week.

“Now it feels really good. We have kids here in the house and it feels really safe, strong.”



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