Earthquake Brace+Bolt

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Contractors Participating in EBB

What You Need to Know

Contractors are vital to helping homeowners complete a qualifying retrofit and providing the required documentation in order for them to receive their grant payment. California licensed contractors are encouraged to take the free online FEMA seismic retrofit training to be listed on the EBB Contractor Directory as a Participating Contractor.

Once homeowners are accepted into EBB, they will choose a contractor unless they decide to do the work as an owner-builder. Once a contractor is chosen, a homeowner can authorize a Participating Contractor to upload EBB's required documents online on their behalf; however, the homeowner will still need to fill out and upload their W9 and Payment Authorization forms for themselves.

Ensure your client has a successful retrofit process by familiarizing yourself with the information below.

The Retrofit Work

The retrofit must be done in accordance with CEBC Chapter A3 or a standard plan set (Los Angeles Standard Plan No. 1 or Standard Plan Set A) or an engineered solution;

  • House must have a cripple wall 4-feet or less in order for a contractor to use a standard plan set; and,
  • Houses with cripple walls higher than 4-feet must have and engineered plan by a Design Professional (engineer or architect).

All the work should be done around the perimeter of the foundation. No work is required on the post and piers (see photos of retrofit work).

Retrofit Steps and Required Documentation

The first step is to receive a building permit for the retrofit work.

  • The permit must reference in the scope of work that the work is being done in accordance with “Chapter A3” or an approved Standard Plan Set (i.e. Standard Plan Set A or LA Standard Plan Set #1). 

Prior to beginning the retrofit work, homeowners accepted into EBB must provide their permit information and photos (3 exterior of the house and 3 before the retrofit tin the crawl space) online and have them approved by EBB. Once this information is reviewed and approved by EBB, the retrofit may begin.

Once the retrofit is completed, the contractor must provide the following documentation:

  • Three photos of the completed retrofit showing both the plywood bracing (when applicable) and the bolting;
  • Three photos of properly strapped and braced water heater;
  • The signed permit indicating the building department has completed the final inspection; and,
  • Your company invoice for the retrofit work broken down by materials, labor and overhead & profit or margin.

We Are Here to Help

Please contact us with any questions about the retrofit process or EBB requirements. You may also read more about the EBB Program Rules here.