Earthquake Brace+Bolt

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Getting Started

First 8-weeks

Once you have been selected to participate in EBB you have eight weeks to hire a contractor or decide to do the work yourself as an owner-builder, and get a building permit. EBB does not require a homeowner to use a contractor or recommend any specific contractor to complete the retrofit work. If you would like to hire a Contractor please review the following information "What You Should Know Before Hiring a Contractor".

Starting with the 2019 EBB program, if you are going to hire a contractor to do the retrofit work, you must choose from the EBB Contractor Directory. The Directory provides a resource to search for licensed contractors who are educated in seismic retrofitting in your area. Once you choose a contractor from the EBB Directory you may authorize them to upload required documents on your behalf. You can do this from your online Homeowner Dashboard. 

If you choose to use a contractor, the CSLB website has information on consumer resources including how to select a licensed and qualified contractorchecking a contractor licensenegotiating contracts for work to be done, preventing and resolving disputes, and how to obtain a building permit.

If you choose to do the work yourself, you will identify yourself as an owner-builder. As an owner-builder, you become the general contractor for your project and assume complete responsibility for the overall job, including state and federal taxes, workers' compensation insurance and other legal liabilities. The value of the labor provided by an owner-builder is not a recoverable cost under the EBB program and is not considered a reimbursable out-of-pocket expence.

You will be installing bolts into the foundation and plywood or oriented strand board (OSB) bracing along the stud wall (cripple wall) of your crawl space. DIYers are encouraged to view the education videos, which details the steps for installation of retrofit components.


(8 weeks)

  • Week 1: Call 3 licensed contractors and schedule appointments
  • Weeks 2-4: Meet with contractors and receive bids
  • Week 5: Review/compare all bids, select a contractor
  • Weeks 6-7: Contractors, in most cases, will get a building permit for you
  • Week 8: Upload permit information to your Homeowner Dashboard.                                                                                                                                                  

 [IMPORTANT NOTE: Your building permit MUST reference "in accordance with..." an accepted Standard Plan Set (i.e. Standard Plan Set A or LA City Standard Plan Set #1) or "Chapter A3."]

As a Participating Homeowner you will need to:

  • Familiarize yourself with retrofit works that qualifies. (click here)
  • Obtain a building permit for seismic retrofit work in accordance with Chapter A3 or a standard plan set. If your house has cripple walls greater than 4-feet then you will need an engineered solution. In most cases, contractors will go to the building department and get a permit for you.
  • Enter the permit information to your homeowner dashboard. 

[IMPORTANT NOTE: Your building permit MUST reference "in accordance with..." an accepted Standard Plan Set (i.e. Standard Plan Set A or LA City Standard Plan Set #1) or "Chapter A3."]

  • Initiate and complete the work within the specified timeframe.
  • Collect and submit the required documentation and upload it to your Homeowner Dashboard:
    • receipts for building permit fee
    • receipts for materials and supplies (if owner-builder)
    • contractor invoice broken out by labor, materials, overhead and profit
    • 3 photographs of the front of your house
    • 3 photographs of the crawl space and  cripple wall before the retrofit
    • 3 photographs after the retrofit work is completed
    • signed building permit after the work is completed                                                                                                                                                
      [IMPORTANT NOTE: Your building permit MUST reference "in accordance with..." an accepted Standard Plan Set (i.e. Standard Plan Set A or LA City Standard Plan Set #1). or "Chapter A3."]
    • a completed W9 – with homeowners personal information
    • payment authorization form



                              Step by Step Retrofit Information


PERMIT / Building Department INFORMATION

The requirements for building permits may vary between local building departments. For instance, most building departments have a time limit for permits. Homeowners should check with their local building department to find out more information.

Northern California                                                                        Southern California                                

City of Albany                                                                                  City of Alhambra

City of Berkeley                                                                               City of Altadena 

City of Burlingame                                                                           City of Claremont 

City of Colma                                                                                   City of Colton

Daly City                                                                                          City of Fillmore

City of El Cerrito                                                                               City of Glendale

City of Emeryville                                                                              City of Granada Hills

City of Eureka                                                                                   City of La Crescenta 

City of Hayward                                                                                 City of Los Angeles

City of Hillsborough                                                                           Los Angeles County 

City of Los Gatos                                                                               City of La Verne

City of Millbrae                                                                                  City of Mission Hills

City of Napa                                                                                      City of Monrovia 

City of Oakland                                                                                 City of Pasadena

City of Piedmont                                                                               City of Redlands  

City of Redwood City                                                                         City of San Bernardino

City of San Bruno                                                                              City of San Fernando

City of San Bruno                                                                              City of San Gabriel

City of San Francisco                                                                         City of San Marino

City of San Leandro                                                                           City of Santa Barbara 

City of San Lorenzo                                                                           City of Santa Monica

City of Los Gatos                                                                               City of South Pasadena

City of San Mateo                                                                              City of Santa Paula

City of Watsonville                                                                             City of Sierra Madre

City of Woodside                                                                                City of South Pasadena

Contra Costa County building department                                         City of Sun Valley

                                                                                                           City of Valley Village

                                                                                                           City of West Hollywood